June 3, 2021

Show me you're Listening

Listening is a largely undervalued skill, it can be a sign of respect or a deal breaker. First we should give some sort of definition to what listening is. We are not talking about keeping your mouth shut as soundwaves hit your ear drums eagerly anticipating the earliest semblance of a pause so you can pounce and make the other person listen. 

Im not really talking about the tactics of "active listening". Im talking about the times I felt like I was heard, like I mattered. So what are the indicators that suggest I was listened to? Well its deceivingly simple, the indicators are the actions taken by the receiver of the message.

Yup its ACTION, think about the about the people you love, the people you trust the most; my gutt tells me they make you feel valued not because they buy you things or compliment you but because their actions are indicators that they heard you loud and clear. Their actions yell "you matter to me" 

So get past the tactics and take action for the people that matter to you.