Aug. 28, 2021

Yes I am a Trades Advocate, but why?

Yes I am a Trades Advocate, but why?

Yes I support Careers in the Trades and yes there is a an argument to be had about debt to income ratio around folks that enter the workforce after University and folks that go directly into the workforce. But that is not why I am a Trades Advocate.

I am a Trades advocate because I want people, all people to self actualize. I want them to discover capabillities neither they nor the people around them knew they had. I want their time perspective to expand beyond the next pay check to a space where they can put their hands around every second they have and mold those seconds into deep learning and giving. I want their earning potential to actualize such that they no longer have to choose between gas money and date night. I want their self image to be one of strength and ferocious humility, I want them to be fully aware of their ability to elicit generational ripples of impact.

I want this for all University grads and non grads, and I know it is possible. I am living it, and Im living it as a result of choosing a Career in the Trades. 

Now the problem is our youth are receiving an either or message. The model of college degree equals high quality of life has somehow transformed into "a college degree is the only way to achieve a high quality of life." So young minds conform and enter into a space that is not designed for them to thrive in. 

Its been said that "College aint for everyone" I suggest we shift this a bit. Lets shift it to we all thrive in different environments. For some of us the structure of a classroom and paced socratic reasoning is the right sauce. And, for some of us immediatly putting concepts to practice in a highly dynamic environment is the right sauce. 

I am working to help the public at large understand that there are many avenues for building fullfilling lives and we must be responsible in our messaging. Those young minds trust and look up to us, we are adults we're kinda supposed to know what we are talking about. It is our messaging that will lead them into a situation that suffocates the promise out of them or breathes life into them. Let that messaging display the array of options for them, let that messaging provide them with the keys to become who they are intended to be.

Thats why I am a Trades Advocate....