July 4, 2021

For the Adventurer

This one is for you! Stepping out on a new path, only you can see. The path has haunted your thoughts and your decisions. It calls to you in the subtlest ways, just when your conforming to the comforts of practicality it pops up and wags its tail. But you wonder will people think Im crazy, do I have what it takes to pave this path? How will I know if Im lost? 

Yes people will call you crazy, departing from stability is a confusing idea. Routine is safe and predictable and for some nestling into that is the goal but for you it itches. Like that itch on the middle of your back that you just cant reach, you contort your body trying to reach it.  Its not until you try something new, something that is outside of your day to day that the itch is soothed.

Yes you have what it takes, it starts with vision. You know where you are and can see the destination. Its a matter of moving forward and applying your where with all to get past the next impediment. Though the barricades are undefined you know that you have overcome many obstacles in your path with grace and agility, draw from those experiences. 

As for being lost, being lost is relative. How many times have you headed to an address and knew without a doubt you were almost there, when suddenly it became clear you made a wrong turn. The truth is you were lost way before you realized it. How many times have you been headed somewhere and everyone around you was shouting "your going the wrong way" including that sexy digital voice. But you knew to your core this path would get you to the target and it did. Being lost is part of the adventure.

You have what it takes and while your out there clearing this new path you get to share your gifts and talents in new spaces. Isnt that what its all about?