Learnings and Missteps The Podcast

Learnings and Missteps The Podcast

On the Learnings and Missteps Podcast, Jesse and Rene dig into the stories of the men and women who have built careers in the construction industry. Each guest, from front line installers to Executives, intimately describe their path from youth to the current day and how they intend to impact the world going forward. Let us bend your ear and Join us in our efforts to Enhance the Image of Careers in Construction.

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This Carpenter Designed Innovative, Functional Clothing for Tradespeople (& It’s CHANGING the Industry) with Pete Zeppetella

Aug. 2, 2022

Being a little too careless on the job site or not having the proper gear can mean big consequences… or at the very least, a major reality check! In this episode, I speak with Pete Zeppetella, a licensed journeyman carpenter…

Overcoming Doubt to Become President of Iron Workers 197 with Carole Raftrey

July 14, 2022

One thing the trades industry needs more of is support. Support for one another’s success, support for a better work/life balance, support in achieving goals and promotions, and frankly, more support for women. In this episo…

Finding Your Niche in the Trades, Growing Strategically, & Keeping a Business Alive During a Recession with Angela Gardner

July 2, 2022

If one thing’s certain about working in a non-traditional role, it’s that you’ll never retire without a learning and misstep. Thankfully, we have people like Angela Gardner to empower women to build non-traditional careers, …

Making the Construction Industry a Better Place for Women with Christi Powell

June 15, 2022

In a world that’s so demanding and fast-paced, it’s important that we slow down and connect with ourselves and each other. That’s the main lesson this week’s guest has learned (and is still learning) along her career path. I…

How a NYC Finance Executive is Making a Difference in the Trades Community with Michael Fina

June 3, 2022

With the recent influx of technology and digital innovation, every business in every industry has the opportunity to become more efficient, sustainable, and optimize their processes. People in the trades are no exception! So…

Changing the Narrative About Minorities and Women in Construction with Demetria Bivens

May 20, 2022

Female and minority contractors need more representation, compensation, and respect in their industry. There’s no doubt about it! But how do we make that happen? This week’s guest is a prime example of that mission coming to…

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