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I just want to get to the bottom line is that Lean tool process is great and sometimes we just get trade partners superintendents and foreman’s personnel that don’t haveEither a great education or no education or never been exposed to high level mid-level or any level of pure communication.I’m not saying that we just have dumb people out there if that all I’m saying is we have to understand the audience were speaking too.I believe you are blessed with the gift to comprehend and communicate I think the the biggest challenge is to communicate two others that don’t or have that gift that’s the challenge.By the way I was driving when I wrote this LOL

Trades Always Find The Way

This is a genuine show that honestly shares what it means to work in the trades in North America. I have mad respect for this show, philosophy, and the inspiration it gives each episode.

Real Life, Down to Earth

What a great listen! I love that they are very practical and relatable. It’s like listening to old friends with real works experiences. This is a great way to get our kids a broader view on the possibilities in the construction industry.

Worth the listen!

I enjoyed this podcast, it’s very relatable and shines a light on the construction industry that I do t hear very often. Mix that with personal takes, it makes for great listening.

IHooks you

Gotta appreciate their ganas. They ain’t perfect but they’re definitely onto something.

Titans of Trades

Everyday hero's in the trade industries make this world turn. This podcast highlights the hearts of these everyday hero’s changing the world for the better. These “essential” everyday people that are often forgotten or looked over, provide the basic good and services of everyday life. They have stories to tell and have diverse & unique backgrounds that builds and improves societies infrastructures. Highly enjoy the podcast, and you will too!

Pleasant Surprise!

It’s nice to hear REAL people talk about REAL issues. I have to be honest I had my biases about “blue collar workers” but I had no idea they had such deep, amazing stories! I’m going to share this right now!


Love this podcast! I was pleasantly surprised, can’t stop listening. Love the genuine conversations they’re having. Do yourself a favor and listen in!