April 12, 2022

Why Tradespeople Need To, Above All, Build People with Edward A. Rivera

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As professionals in the trade industry, we have the power to do more than just pour concrete, weld metal structures, or build an elevator car… we have the power to build people and create a sense of depth, or deeper meaning, in our industry.


In this episode, I welcome Edward A. Rivera, also known as Your Elevator Pal. Ed is a Modernization/Construction Foremen, but beyond that, he’s a content creator who’s passionate about sharing his love for his profession with the world via LinkedIn. 


Listen in to learn how he entered the elevator business and became a successful elevator construction foreman as well as why he believes we need to “above all, build people”.


“It’s not one-dimensional. You’re not in this box. There’s so much more you can do as a tradesperson or a college graduate. It’s never-ending. It really just comes down to what you make of it.”                  - Edward A. Rivera


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

·       What inspired Ed to start creating content on LinkedIn

·       It takes courage to putting yourself out there on the internet.

·       Ed’s journey in the trades – from vocational high school to building elevators.

·       The power of having a mentor who lets you make mistakes.

·       The various branches of trade occupations and the elevator profession: Servicing, New Installation/Construction, Modernization, Repair, etc.

·       How Ed’s vocational high school has changed over the years and why it has unfortunately evolved into more general education. 

·       Why it’s important to educate kids, young adults, and apprentices about investing and financial responsibility.

·       There are no limits to the opportunities you have to advance in and grow your life.

·       How Ed implements core values into his team.

·       A great customer experience is what’s going to drive repeat business.

·       Ed’s Learning and Misstep: When you think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re not…


“Even at that age, in high school, I wasn’t looking for a job, I’m not even sure what I was looking for but whatever it was I was going to do, I was going to pour everything into it. That’s one thing that’s absolutely certain about me.”              - Edward A. Rivera


Resources Mentioned:

TEI Group


Connect with Edward:

Connect with him on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/-edward-a-rivera-pmp-cei-17a658117