Sept. 15, 2022

The Goal Calabosession #1

Oh man, this one has been a long time coming. the seed was planted by Thomas Thomas. Lame. If you don't know Mr. Thomas lame, you're gonna get to know him, uh, super deep intellect, excitement around systems thinking and the theory of constraints. Uh, the seed was planted back when Felipe and I were recording the collab sessions on the lean builder.

He dropped a little comment on the chat and we went ahead and challenged him to go ahead. Jump in and record a collabo session of the goal. And I don't know, maybe it's been a year, since then, but we did it 

 I gotta let you know, like, this is not the only recording.  We got several episodes because the book is like 20, 30 something odd chapters. Uh, and we're not just rereading the book. The amazing thing is that Thomas began reading this.

he actually put the stuff that he was learning into practice on the job side, like on the job side that he was the superintendent of, I think it was in San Francisco. and what's even more special that I think we're just super fortunate is that he was keeping no, he was journaling about the experience about what he was learning from the book about what he was applying in the field and what he learned from the applic.

And so really what this is, is Thomas' translation of the book, the concepts, the ideas that are in the book into construction language, into like real life application of this stuff in the construction industry, which is super damn excited.