Dec. 1, 2021

Josh Zolin on The Value of Skilled Trades for the Youth Today

Blue is the New White: The Value of Skilled Trades for the Youth Today

Do you know the value of skilled trades for you as a young person and society at large? The skilled trades industry has many opportunities and possibilities that can lead you to some of the most lucrative jobs out there and a fat check. 

In this episode, we have Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment Service, speaker, and the author of Blue is the New White. He had previously worked as a stuntman in Hollywood before he quit and joined his dad in his skilled trades business. He teaches young people the value of skilled trades for them, the economy, and society at large. A skilled trade is anything that requires formal education that isn’t college education. 

Listen in to learn the meaning of skilled trade and the value of the industry to young people and our economy. You will also learn when to identify yourself as a skilled trade worker even when you’re responsible for running a trades company. 

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

·     How Josh’s book Blue is the New Whiteon the value of skilled trades led to a successful podcast. 

·   Get to know Josh and his former career as a stuntman. 

·       Transitioning from a Hollywood stuntman to a skilled tradesman and the gap he saw in the industry and wrote a book.

·      Why he teaches people the value of skilled trades, which includes monetary. 

·      Josh describes his skilled trade experience in commercial kitchen equipment repairing. 

·       He defines skilled trade plus when you can consider yourself a blue color worker. 

·      How to take personal responsibility and put yourself out there to be considered for a leadership position in a blue color company.

·    The hiring mistakes he did when he first started in business and the lessons he learned. 

·    Why Josh identify as a teacher who impacts rather than an influencer. 

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