Oct. 25, 2022

Finding Drive and Career Satisfaction Through Ironworking with Kasia Sznel

Some of us find it impossible to feel driven and excited by traditional careers… that’s why it’s important to explore all types of career paths, especially in the trades!


Join me as I chat with Kasia Sznel, Structural Ironworker at NYC Locals 40 & 361, about how becoming an ironworker changed her life and gave her purpose and drive in her career.


Kasia didn’t know about the ironworking profession until she was 24, and didn’t consider ironworking as a viable career for women until she was 27, when a friend convinced her to get into the trade. After feeling no drive in her corporate career and eventually getting laid off, she finally found excitement and passion through ironworking. Her life has never been the same!


Want to find out if ironworking is right for you? Curious to know what it takes to become an ironworker? Tune in to learn more!


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

·       Kasia’s educational background & How she found her drive in ironworking.

·       Tips for passing the ironworker test.

·       The life-changing benefits of becoming an ironworker and union member.

·       How it feels to find the perfect career for you.

·       Advice on how to grow and succeed in any trade.

·       Why it’s important to do volunteer work throughout your adulthood.

·       Kasia’s Learning and Misstep: Being independent and following what sets your drive on fire.



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Resources Mentioned: 

The ULA Network: https://www.ulanetwork.com 

Ironworkers: https://www.ironworkers.org