March 13, 2022

Are STEM Magnet Schools the key to Construction Education of the Future? with Kate Gause

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We’ve all heard about the importance of integrating more STEM into children’s education, but could STEM magnet schools be the future of education in America and around the globe? Is it the best way to get more women into the trades and construction industry?


In this episode, we welcome Kate Gause, a Project Engineer at ISEC, Inc. Kate attended Construction Careers Academy High School, a magnet school that focuses on educating teenagers about construction management, engineering, architecture, and more. She then went on to attend Texas A&M to get a degree in Construction Science with minors in Business and Leadership in the Design & Construction Professions. Now, she has a job she truly loves!


Listen in to learn the powerful perspective of a young woman in construction management, what it’s like to attend a STEM-focused magnet school, and what this means for the future of education, the trades industry, and women in construction.


“I don’t want having a woman on your team to be a diversity point, I want it to be the standard.”    - Kate Gause


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

·       What it’s like to go to Construction Careers Academy High School 

·       Why go to a magnet school? What are the benefits of attending a magnet school for trades or STEM?

·       Important factors to consider when navigating education and career choices

·       What it’s like to compete in the Texas Construction Career Initiative (TCCI) competition

·       Why employers need to start connecting to students and young adults, especially those in magnet schools

·       Challenges and opportunities for women in construction

·       Kate’s Learnings and Missteps: Overcoming life’s everyday missteps & Not being afraid to ask questions and ask for help

·       How to overcome the need to do everything yourself and the fear of looking stupid

·       Advice for parents whose kids want to pursue a career in construction or trades 


“Women can be in construction and can do it better.”            - Kate Gause


Resources Mentioned:

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