Avoiding Job Site Conflict & Leadership Development for Tradespeople with Brad Anderson

What are the best ways to avoid job site conflict? Why is it important to invest in your employees? What if there was a leadership and professional development course created by tradespeople for tradespeople? Well, get ready because this week’s guest has tons of insights on job site management and being a leader… PLUS, he’s creating that leadership development course we all need!

In this episode, we have our first insulator on the show, Brad Anderson! Brad is an entrepreneur and mechanical insulation professional that has worked in his family’s business for almost his entire life.

Listen in to learn powerful strategies for avoiding conflict on the job site, growing and advancing as a construction professional, and thriving through The Great Resignation.

“Out of everyone I know who would be characterized as a millionaire, 90% of them were trade workers who started their own companies. That’s the way it should be presented to kids.” - Brad Anderson

“I’m just continually trying to learn and develop myself and become better and more impactful and it’s just something that I think anyone can do… Continue challenging yourself. - Brad Anderson

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:
• How to become a millionaire without going to college
• Why you need to actively grow your leadership skills throughout your career
• Why Brad is developing a leadership course by tradesmen for tradesmen
• Overcoming the battle between communication, efficient planning, intentional learning, and urgency in scheduling
• Thriving through The Great Resignation: The power of investing in your employees
• Connecting Lean principles with leadership skills
• What Brad wish he knew going into the industry: We’re all learning and figuring it out as we go…
• Brad’s Learnings and Missteps: Inaccurate estimates, miscommunications, owning up your mistakes, and having the courage to have difficult conversations
• Creating a safe space for mistakes, honesty, and transparency

Resources Mentioned:
How to Support and Grow the Trades Workforce with Christopher Brenchley of Rock the Trades: https://bit.ly/33lXn6m

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