Aug. 2, 2022

This Carpenter Designed Innovative, Functional Clothing for Tradespeople (& It’s CHANGING the Industry) with Pete Zeppetella

Being a little too careless on the job site or not having the proper gear can mean big consequences… or at the very least, a major reality check!


In this episode, I speak with Pete Zeppetella, a licensed journeyman carpenter and CEO of Zepps Gear. Before getting into the trades, Pete actually dreamed of being a clothing designer. Fortunately for him, his passion for clothing later collided with his carpentry profession. This lead him to start a company that produces innovative, high-functioning, high-quality clothing for tradespeople designed specifically to keep tradespeople safe and efficient on the job.


Tune in to hear and see how the Zepps Gear jacket was invented as well as how it works with a safety harness, radio and mic, lanyards, and any other accessories you need secured to you while on the job.


“Nobody does anything by themselves. Always have a team behind you.”  - Pete Zeppetella


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

·       How Pete got into carpentry and mechanics at a young age.

·       The inspiration behind Zepps Gear & Pete’s creative process for designing clothing and gear for tradespeople.

·       The incredible skills that tradespeople develop.

·       If you have an interest in serving others, don’t give up on your vision. It takes time to develop your interests and see a successful outcome.

·       The key to making your vision a reality: Building a team to support you.

·       Pete’s Learning and Misstep: Work with caution or face the consequences.

“We build the world.” - Pete Zeppetella


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