Feb. 17, 2023

How to Create Systematic Change, Reduce Turnover, & Feel More Fulfilled at Work with John Toups

 Do you believe in the value of your workers? Do you believe that your employees are the most valuable asset of your company? Do you want to create systematic change in your company and feel more fulfilled at work? If so, join me in this episode of Learnings and Missteps as I welcome John Toups, Founder and CEO of MyeTracker, to talk about how to reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction for your employees and for yourself. 

 John created a system that helps leaders in the trades find fulfillment, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and create meaningful change at work. He’s here to share his expertise so you can create a safe, productive, and purposeful workplace that your employees love to show up to each day. 

 This conversation is packed with powerful insights, strategies, and advice for leaders in the trades, whether you’re a c-suite executive, manager, or foreman. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

·       Leadership blind spots in the construction industry. 

·       How to feel more fulfilled and have more fun at work. 

·       Strategies for leveraging your employees’ excellence to help them grow. 

·       Why you need to ask your employees for feedback and ideas. 

·       How to create a workplace environment that your employees love to work in. 

·       John’s simple process for solving problems and creating systematic change in your business. 

·       How to talk to senior leaders about the need for operational change. 

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Connect with John: 

Email him: johntoups@jwtoups.com 

Call his office: (985)-447-5114 

Learn more about eTracker: https://myetracker.com 


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