Oct. 14, 2021

Felipe Engineer Manriquez on Delivering Value and Resource-efficiency in Your Work

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How do you more in your work while still managing to deliver value with efficiency? By intentionally balancing your flow with resource efficiency, you’re enabling yourself to live an amazing and balanced life.

In this episode, we have Felipe Engineer- Manriquez, a construction scrum expert, national director of lean construction, and the host of the EBFC show podcast. He’s also an international keynote speaker with decades of experience in process improvement, project planning, execution, change management, and employee engagement in the construction industry. Felipe explains how scrum changed his perspective in life and effectiveness in his work and other exciting things.

Listen in to learn how you can adopt a framework that enables you to manage yourself through flow while delivering value. You will also learn the value of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to give yourself opportunities to grow beyond your imagination.

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