May 20, 2022

Changing the Narrative About Minorities and Women in Construction with Demetria Bivens

Female and minority contractors need more representation, compensation, and respect in their industry. There’s no doubt about it! But how do we make that happen? This week’s guest is a prime example of that mission coming to life.


In this episode, I welcome Demetria Bivens, Managing Member at dlb Consultants and Senior Executive Director of Business Development for DFW Airport Texas. Demetria is on a mission to change the narrative around minority contractors and bring more respect and recognition to Black tradeswomen and Black female contractors.


Listen in to learn how Demetria entered the construction industry with ZERO experience and how she has transferred her passion for business development into a successful career in contracting.


“We may be small but we always think like a big company.”                            - Demetria Bivens


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

·       Demetria’s role in the contracting field & How she’s working to improve the contracting profession for minorities.

·       Programs and educational opportunities to take if you want to become a contractor.

·       Demetria’s earliest career aspirations, her diverse work experience, and why she became an entrepreneur.

·       How her family and her experience with grief has impacted and inspired her career path.

·       How do you take care of yourself while balancing your many responsibilities?

·       Being a mentor for female contractors: What does it feel like to see your mentees thrive?

·       Demetria’s Learning and Misstep: Read the specifications, always walk the job site, and take ownership!


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